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Sound Equipment

Event Support & Production
Live Stream & Hybrid Events
Photography & Videography
Equipment Rental 
Onsite Technical Support

Commercial &  Residential Integration 

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Event Support & Production

Through impressive audio visual services, stunning stage designs and lighting displays, and full event production management, we can create the perfect atmosphere for your special event. 

Our integrated approach ensures every technical service we provide will complement each other, creating a seamless experience from stage to screen, for all participants. We can custom design impressive stage sets and bring them to life using the latest in vision and projection mapping; install lighting systems with spectacular lighting effects; create drama and ambiance with crystal-clear audio and most importantly, we can be there from day one until tear-down to ensure your special event runs flawlessly. 

You can rely on Limelight to create an event experience with the latest and most trusted event production tools to make sure your special event leaves a lasting impression. 

Equipment Rental
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Live Stream & Hybrid Events 

Our Hybrid team has unmatched experience in strategy, creative, technology, and production to provide everything you need for events, large and small, from end-to-end to ala carte solutions.

Limelight has helped thousands of clients create hybrid events for over a decade. Our team members are here to help you identify the ideal platform and create the perfect event with boundless hybrid potential.

Live Stream Broadcast & Event Photography & Videography
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Technical Support
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Equipment Rental

We carry a broad selection of audio visual rental equipment, perfect for business meetings & consumer events. Sound system rentals from Limelight are professional grade, yet affordable.  Do-it-yourself equipment is simple to operate for smaller groups. 

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Residential & Commercial Integration

We assist organizations of all sizes, performing the following tasks:

  • Media / Conference Rooms

  • Audio & Video Systems

  • Lighting & Access Control Automation

  • Digital Signage

  • Communications Systems

  • Network, I.T. Installation and Support

  • Cabling / Low Voltage Wiring

  • Complex Systems Integration

We provide audio visual services, including home theatre installation and design, for homeowners who enjoy watching TV and listening to music throughout their entire house. We can install a new TV or troubleshoot an existing setup that you may already own. We also can integrate universal remotes, touch panels and your existing devices, such as phones and iPads, to create an interconnected web that spans all your devices. This gives you total control of your TV, music system or even your smart home devices, making them easier to operate. We have the understanding and the experience necessary to configure a system that is easy to understand. Let us figure it out for you so you can enjoy your home instead of spending your time troubleshooting interconnectivity issues and software.

Event Support
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